The Confusing World of Modern Day Civil Litigation

You and a well qualified attorney need to explore all options to achieve your goals, both litigation and non-litigation oriented.

There doesn't always need to be a rush to the courthouse

Most individuals who contact an attorney for the first time are intimidated by the experience and know little about the process.  Nearly all matters that call for an attorney are generally not happy experiences and involve some type of conflict.  This is compounded by the usual uncertainty about what really happens after hiring an attorney. 

A large part of the attorney's job is to gather information from you the client, ascertain your goals, and then devise a strategy to meet those goals.  The important point here is that in many cases, litigation may not even be necassary.  Indeed, a good attorney will explore all non-litigation oriented solutions prior to counseling toward litigation.  (By the way, "litigation" as I am using it in this context refers to the filing of a lawsuit, and everything that follows.) 

In many cases, however, there simply is no way to achieve a specific goal without first filing a lawsuit, or as its called in the probate context, a petition.  In either case, you need an attorney who can competently advise you on the pros and cons of each action, and then advise you on a prudent, cost effective approach.  You should always beware of the attorney who counsels toward litigation without first obtaining a firm knowledge of the facts. 

I have never lost site of the fact that my clients are usually dealing with very stressful issues, and always do my best to explore and explain all available options.  If you wish to set up a no cost, no obligation consultation, click on the box below, or call my office at (408)292-0233.